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Just a few days left to go

I’ve never been one to stay up for all hours of the night or blow off sleep or anything like that. I always tell myself that I need at least 8 hours. Whether  I really do or not, who knows. It is just what the “experts” say. The problem with all this is that the regular hours for my new job are approximately midnight to 8am. Not exactly what I’m used to.

A requirement for Senior Seminar in Mass Communication is to have a Senior Portfolio Review with a professional in your field. I went to KQTV in St. Joseph for my review. I’m assuming it helped that I have interned there and been in and out over the past few years, because they offered me a job. So now I’m producing the morning show. I was wanting to go into sports, but this would be a good start to it all.

I’m pumped to have a job, but I am trying to get trained before actually going fulltime. Trying to find time to go to class, do my work on campus, working overnight in St. Joe and sleeping has been a little bit difficult. Usually if have the time to sleep, I can’t! My body is pretty picky on when it will allow me to fall asleep. Ever since I was little I could never sleep in the car and I can’t take naps during the day. This results in me being awake for 24+ hours at times…not necessarily a good thing for me, or for someone I come across at around the 22 hour mark, because I tend to get a little bit cranky.

Tomorrow’s the last day of class, then a final on Tuesday…if I can find a way to get through that and hammer out a schedule I will be fine. But there are still quite a few papers to be written and classes to be passed. It will be a stressful couple of days.


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