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Graduation is almost here

It has been four long years, but finally my career at Northwest Missouri State is coming to a close. Three more days of actual classes, one final and I will be out the door (providing none of my professors throw a curveball at me at the last second). I say four long years…but while I was in the moment, they actually seemed to go pretty fast.

As exciting as it is to be getting out of school, it is a little bit nerve-racking as well. I mean really, school is the only thing I have ever known. The first about 4.5-5 years of my life I don’t really remember too well, but the last 17 have been spent in a classroom. It is weird to think that my every morning, for probably about the next 50 years, give or take a few, I will be going into work. Yes, I have had my summer jobs: in high school I worked in the local gas station part-time and focused on going to football and basketball camps or playing baseball; for the past four years I landscaped in St. Joseph all summer. Those jobs were good enough for the time being. At the end of each summer, I was more than ready to get back into the grind of school and spend each day in class with friends. That seemed like a good rotation going to school for a portion of the year, then working the rest. It was a good enough change of pace to allow me to get my batteries recharged for whatever the next obstacle was for me.

That is not the case anymore though. It is all work all the time. The main thing that has been stressed to all of us students during our school careers was to find a job that did not necessarily just pay the bills, but that you enjoyed. I guess this is the time where I find out if I made the right decision. I’m going to cross my fingers that I did, or the next half a century could get pretty dicey.

But I guess that is what makes things exciting: not knowing what is around the next corner.


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