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What makes you tick?

For Blog post #3, I took a look at two articles, one from Slate called “This is not a Blog Post” and the other from jeffbullas.com called “12 Reasons Why People Blog.”

In looking at these separate pieces, the one from Slate discusses publications that are blogs or contain them, and how some of these publications are moving forward. Some bloggers, which are professional writers, are getting their panties up in a bunch because, and this is just what I’m drawing from the article, they are not getting the respect or the recognition for being a true publication. With that in mind, I agree fully with the Slate author Farhad Manjoo and the source quoted: ” I say this with all possible deference: Who cares?” wrote Joel Johnson, the Gizmodo blogger, when I approached him with such questions. Scott Rosenberg, author of Say Everything, a history of blogging, echoes this point: “Just as journalists think readers have a deep awareness of distinctions like ‘hard news piece’ vs. ‘feature’ vs. ‘news analysis,’ we think they understand or care about the line between ‘article’ and ‘blog post.’

The jeffbullas.com article goes more into who is blogging and for what reason. The #1 and #3 reason that people blog as according to the statistics are their passion or business respectively. I have to admit that those two things (as well as #2– sharing with others) are the reason that I have previously considered blogging or the reason why I use Twitter (are you going to search me on Twitter now?), because I want to show future employers in the event that they search me on the Internet that I am up to date with technology as well as being informed of what is going on. If that is why I do this stuff, isn’t that probably the reason these professional writers do it? And the fact that they make money helps.

What I’m trying to get across is that I don’t think it matters if you are writing in the New York Times printed newspaper, or are doing a blog on wordpress.com for a class at NWMSU, if what you have to say is worthwhile, people will respect it and read it. The keys to it all seems to be that you need to be writing about whatever it is that makes you tick.


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