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Upcoming Assignment

I am not sure what I will find when I compare a hardcopy of ESPN the Magazine and the online version for the online publication assignment. Each version of the magazine has good points as well as bad ones, so this assignment could potentially lead me to cancelling my subscription to the print version. Then again, I may be very grateful to be receiving it through the mail every two weeks after my findings.

Before this assignment I never read the same article in the print version and online, but then again, I always assumed they were identical so there was no need to. After comparing both publications side to side, I will be looking to see if some articles get cut short in the online version, and searching the web site to see if the opinion columns are limited to the print version.

I’m sure there are bits and pieces of the magazine held strictly to the hardcopy, but my main goal for the project is to decide whether or not the bi-weekly copy I get through the mail is worth the money spent. At this point I believe it is worth it because there are perks online that are only available through the subscription.

I’m looking forward to breaking down each version of ESPN the Magazine, especially since the assignment allows me to examine a publication I am interested in.

Did anyone else see how pathetic the Pro Bowl was?

Until next time…


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